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    Have a penchant for analogue? As the UK's official Fujifilm Processing Laboratory, we understand chemistry and film.

    Hand processing rolls of film and hand printing through an enlarger in the darkroom is still a large part of our professional service.

    Traditional Hand Prints

    Old school printing by hands that can.

    Hand prints… but not the type that involves paint and lots of washing. Before digital printers, scanners and computers, prints were produce by hand through an enlarger in the darkroom.

    The majority of labs no longer support this skilled process, but we continue to carry the torch for traditional hand printing. You could say that we have a desire to stay in the shadowy darkroom.

    For further information on services, paper and chemistry types please see our dedicated hand printing pages for:

    Black and White Hand Prints

    Colour Hand Print

    Fibre Hand Prints

    Alchemy at its best

    Printing by hand, in a darkroom.

    Most of us are familiar with the scene as portrayed in many films. A lone figure sloshes paper in a long tray full of chemistry, illuminated by the reg glow of a safety light. Behind, a washing line sags under the weight of freshly pegged up prints dripping dry.

    This tradition is alive and well here at CC Imaging. 

    How it works

    Negatives are placed in a carrier which then slides into an enlarger between a light source and a lens. The enlarger can be raised or lowered to increase or decrease the size of the image. The image is exposed in segments on a test strip (each segment represents a timed interval) to establish the correct density. The final print is then exposed and passed through several chemical baths to become light fast. 

    Needless to say, this all takes place in the dark (or with a red safety light when working with Black & White prints).

    Why its important

    Choice of film is a personal thing, cameras have their idiosyncrasies and so does hand printing. Professionals and keen amateurs appreciate meticulous, hand crafted results. Nothing is left to chance. Hand printing allows you to communicate your ideas, emotions and desires through to the final product. You are part of the hand printing process. Our resident specialists are here to realise your vision through an enlarger, traditionally, by hand; producing prints in a way that only a lens can…. with honesty.

    Surface to say…

    Choice of paper makes all the difference!

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