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    The CC-Team

    Exploding out of the frame comes the CC Imaging team. These gung-ho processors fiercely escaped the confines of the mundane and passé.

    Today they exist as printers of fortune.

    Have a problem? No-one else can help?

    Why not hire the… er…  CC-Team!

    Just where the heck are we?

    CC Imaging Photo Lab

    Unit 7 Scala Court
    Leathley Road
    LS10 1JD

    T: 0113 2448329

    Opening Times:
    Mon-Fri 9am – 5.00pm









    How to order

    You can now order film services online from our Analogue Shop.

    For film users or those who wish to place a postal order, please begin by downloading and completing a Job Sheet. Outline your order and the services you require. If you want prints, list the quantity required at each size. Print the job sheet and include this when sending your order. Please use our postal address found above.

    If you would like to order digital prints, that’s no problem. Simply Click Here to launch our online ordering system. Alternatively you can use Dropbox or WeTransfer to order your digital photo prints, canvas prints or other services. Email your jobsheets to:[Form id=”1″]


    Film For Everyone

    Sending your film to us.


    Step 1: 

    Choose the service you require via our analogue shop. Don’t forget to print out your order confirmation email!


    Step 2: 

    Place your film/s together with your order confirmation in a secure package and post* it to us (or drop it in if you’re local).

    Step 3: 

    We carefully process your film/s according to your chosen service. Check their progress here.


    Step 4: 

    Now sit back and relax as we securely dispatch your finished prints/package deal, or collect it if you are local.


    Analogue Shop

    Only orders places via our Analogue Shop can be tracked online. Upon receiving your films through the post we book them into our system. You can check if they have arrived at our lab by clicking here. Once your order is ready for dispatch, we will send you an email telling you that we will dispatch your film that day.

    Please note that it is impossible for us to locate your film before we receive it. We recommend that you take your film (together with a print out of your order confirmation) to your local Post Office and have them weigh and measure your packet. This ensures the correct postage is applied. Insufficient postage will result in your film going AWOL for a minimum of 5 weeks. Many films with insufficient post return to sender, many become casualties of the Royal Mail system, never to return.


    *Our Address

    CC Imaging
    Unit 7 Scala Court
    Leathley Road
    LS10 1JD

    Everybody needs Somebody


    Yeh, we know. We’re all for clichés (at least when we use them). In truth, though, you’re either here because you can’t quite find what you’re looking for or our site is just too big and unwieldy.

    Rather than ballooning the help section with every conceivable option, we have provided handy bite-sized slices of information below. These should help you get where you want to go. If not, feel free to contact us and we will sort out your query as soon as we can (and let our web developer know what a wonderful job they’re doing).

    Sarcasm, yeh, we’ve got that down too!


    Educating everyone.

    school of ccAbout to cut your teeth on digital? Enroll in the School of CC today. Lessons start with a basic introduction into resolution, colour calibration and more. Too key stage 1? There are plenty of advanced lessons for those who wish to skill up to the next degree.


    Q&A – We do the answering. 

    qa_helpHave questions? We have compiled a list of answers to commonly asked questions. Drop by our Q&A page for details on accounts, delivery, ordering and more. Don’t see your question answered? Send it to us via our contacts page and we’ll add it for you.

    CC Imaging – The Professional’s Lab

    Members Assemble!

    John Weldon and Mark Senior are Photographic Processing’s Yoda and Obi-Wan. Jedi Masters of the Processing Laboratory; their skills hark back to a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when quality meant Quality and service meant Service! A truly identifying mark of a professional lab this is. As the digital age upped the megapixels, so did the CC Masters, putting together hand plucked team of skilled veterans and young blood in order to consistently produce exceptional work for our customers. Now more than ever is the need to find a lab who can not only print, but who also has the knowledge and ability to realise your photographic vision. The force is truly strong with this one.

    It’s easy to waffle on about the services we provide and list endless different types of photographic mediums we can accommodate, but you seem like a resourceful individual, all that stuff is but a few clicks away. But before you embark on your quest for success, it’s important that you are safe in the knowledge that we have expertise in over 5 decades of photographic processes. This doesn’t mean that we are ‘old hat’, we’d prefer to think we’re ‘old school’, spelled properly of course.

    If it’s reassurance you want, you can sleep well tonight all tucked up, comfortable that you’re in safe hands. Working with whole spectrum of photographers over the past 50 years has refined our team like a fine wine, except not dusty and kept in the dark… well most of us.


    John W

    Managing Director Processor Xtraordinaire 100mph Man


    Mark S

    Managing Director Customer Champion Film Fanatic


    Taj V

    Printing Wonder
    Quality Enforcement Trend Setter


    Chris B

    Creative Director Photoshop Legend Super Adaptoid


    Ben P

    Social Media Guru
    PS Connoisseur
    Hairy Stylish


    Mohinder A

    The Mounter
    Mr Perfectionist Eats meals in wheels

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