Photoblox are a high quality, durable wall art solution available in 3 styles. Perfect for use in the home or office.

    Monoblox - A single image block.
    Multiblox - Layered image blocks.
    Qblox - Cube and rectangular blocks.

    Blox from only £14.99


    Monoblox are a stylish alternative to canvas wraps. A single layered photoblox featuring a photographic print which is cured onto a solid wood structure. The print is then laminated, so photoblox are a particularly hardy piece of wall art that can be wiped clean with ease.

    Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, Monoblox are a contemporary way to customise your wall space. Create something personal and unique.


    Tell a story, share a moment. Create a visual narrative of a special occasion, or choose your favourite pictures and display them in style.


    Say it 5 ways with a Qblox photocube. Qblox, available in 4x4 inch and 8x8 inch, are a free-standing alternative to framed prints, perfect for desks and shelves everywhere.

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